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Snapshot: This article reviews recommended websites about nursing, organized by category. No compensation has been received for any of these recommendations. Websites are listed in alphabetical order within each section.

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General Information Websites


Home page: http://nursing.advanceweb.com/

A big, complex site packed with useful information that addresses every conceivable nursing topic. Has a companion print publication that goes by the same name, “Advance for Nurses.”


Home page: http://allnurses.com/

The grand-daddy of nursing social networking sites. The message board format is retro, but the site has tons of users and posts.


Home Page: http://www.nursingworld.org/

The home page of the very large and very influential American Nursing Association (ANA); offers links to policies, credentialing resources, and surveys/original research on a wide variety of issues that impact contemporary nursing practice.


Home page: http://www.discovernursing.com/

Sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, this is the companion website for the company’s “Campaign for Nursing’s Future” (you may have seen the ads). Provides comprehensive nursing career and educational information.

  • Check out the “Nursing Scholarship Search” feature under the “How” tab: http://www.discovernursing.com/scholarship-search. This is a resource you won’t find anywhere else on the web. You can also filter your search results using a variety of criteria (state residency requirements, GPA requirements, ethnic scholarships, etc). Search for additional, related resources by clicking on “Funding Opportunities,” also under the “How” tab: http://www.discovernursing.com/tuition_reim_search.aspx.
  • Research an incredibly wide variety of different nursing career paths by clicking on “Nursing Careers” under the “What” tab: http://www.discovernursing.com/nursing-careers. Each nursing career specialty page has a description of the specialty area, along with links to relevant articles, organizations, and resources.
  • Click on “Profiles in Nursing” under the “Who” tab: http://www.discovernursing.com/nursing-profiles. Available are hundreds of short bios of nurses, including what inspired them to become a nurse, and the type of nursing career each has pursued.


Home Page: http://www.nsna.org/default.aspx

The home page of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA); a useful place for student nurses to network with one another, with future employers, and to learn (and celebrate) the nursing profession.

  • Click on “NSNA Chapter Links” within the “Links” tab on the left-hand side of the home screen to view a listing of school and state-level nursing clubs and organizations all across the country: http://www.nsna.org/Links/NSNAChapterLinks.aspx. These clubs are a great way for student nurses to begin the professional networking that will launch their careers.
  • Click on the “Meetings” tab on the left-hand side of the home screen to learn more about the annual convention, mid-year conference, and other conferences that NSNA organizes: http://www.nsna.org/Meetings.aspx. These events provide great networking and educational opportunities for those willing to travel to the conference locations; registration is offered at a discount to NSNA members; some conference events throughout the year are free to attend.
  • Assuming you are a current nursing student, click on “Student Membership” within the “Membership” tab on the left-hand side of the home screen to learn more about the benefits and prices for membership in NSNA: http://www.nsna.org/Membership/StudentMembership.aspx.

Career-Focused Websites


Home page: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos083.htm

Excellent, general overview of the nursing profession, backed with U.S. government statistics on pay, educational requirements, workplace trends, and job outlooks.


Home page: http://www.dcardillo.com/

The home page of Donna Cardillo, the “Career Guru for Nurses.” Lots of useful nursing career articles, along with promotional information about Donna’s many books, DVD’s, and upcoming workshops and events.

  • Click on the “Articles” tab: http://www.dcardillo.com/articles.html. An incredible listing of free career articles for nurses on a wide variety of topics: resume writing, professional development, career management, career alternatives for nursing, and much more. Note: the font is small, so you may need to enlarge it in your browser.
  • Click on the “Donna’s blog” tab for a link to Donna’s nursing career blog called “Nurse Power”: http://www.nurse-power.net/blog/. The blog provides a nice mix of advice and personal reflection.
  • Click on the “Books” tab for a listing of Donna’s nursing career-related books: http://www.dcardillo.com/nurse_book.html. Descriptions of each book’s contents are provided, and if you’re interested you can order directly off her website; otherwise, you may want to check out reviews at Amazon or a similar online book retailer before purchasing.

Clinical Reference & Academic Websites


Home page: http://www.aacn.org/DM/MainPages/AACNHomePage.aspx?pageid=1

The AACCN is, for many, the most well-regarded professional nursing organization in the country. Their website offers a wealth of resources for nurses from a wide variety of clinical backgrounds.


Home page: http://labtestsonline.org/

Created by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AANC) to help both medical professionals and patients better understand the meanings, uses and limitations of a wide variety of lab tests and lab values. The site is peer-reviewed, highly credible, and free of advertising.

  • Use the search bar on the right-hand side of the home page to quickly find information about the lab test or lab value you’re interested in.
  • Each individual entry for a given lab test will provide quick-reference tabs to help you learn about different aspects of the test (i.e. “at a glance,” “common questions,” etc).
  • Click on the links on the left-hand side of the home page to get a “bigger picture” overview of how to understand lab tests, how lab testing works, etc.


Home Page: http://www.ninr.nih.gov/

The home page of NINR, a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH); great for researchers and grant-seekers, or for those simply seeking knowledge of high quality, contemporary areas of nursing research.